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Please email us at info@myquincecollection and let us know your questions. We'll post the most frequently asked questions here.

When can I get My Quince Planner?

Planners are shipped every day and typically arrive within 2-7 days! 

When should I start planning my quinceanera?

My Quince Planner is designed to help you plan your quinceanera over several years or several weeks. A timeline of activities is included.

Where can I get My Quince Planner? 

Through website, Amazon, and authorized quince retail stores. Email us at if you would like to sell My Quince Planner.

What size is My Quince Planner?

The outside dimensions are 12" high x 11" wide x 2" deep, the final box size is about 13" x 13" x 3" and weighs about 3 pounds.