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Dream - Plan - Organize

My Quince Planner

My Quince Planner is a chic, multifaceted planning tool and keepsake in which Anika inspires girls to dream, plan, and organize their quinceañera. Beyond the planner helping girls select their theme, keep track of their guest list, appointments, business cards, brochures, receipts, and other details, the included colored pencils are meant to spark creativity and help girls communicate their vision by coloring illustrations.

My Quince Planner also provides curated checklists and questions to assist in selecting vendors, managing the budget, and keeping track of contracts, thereby empowering girls to become responsible young women.

Anika shares her personal insights to encourage dreaming of a future beyond the celebration. In the end, each girl has a cherished personal keepsake of her dream quince and future plans.

My Quince Planner is 200+ pages written by Quinceañera, Anika Alexa, and includes her letters of encouragement for you as your dream, plan, and organize your special quince birthday.

The three-ring binder has 15 chapters full of details to plan your dream quince while empowering you to become a responsible young woman.

Checklists help you interview and select your dream team vendors.

A 12-month calendar and checklists help you plan all the details.

My Quince Planner helps you stay organized with one place store everything including sleeves for business cards, brochures, and receipts. It will be a treasured keepsake of your dream quinceañera.