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A quinceañera is one of the most precious and important cultural traditions in a Latina’s adolescent years, marking her transition from a girl to becoming a young woman. With a rich history, dating back centuries, the quinceañera festivities are celebrated around her 15th birthday (quince means 15 in Spanish). Each quinceañera celebration is as unique as the girl being honored (also known as a Quinceañera). From the dress and crown, to the theme, ceremony, food, dances, and music chosen, each celebration becomes a work of art revealing the divine uniqueness of who she is and who she is becoming.

Enter My Quince Collection, a company inspired by Anika Alexa that develops unique products to empower girls to create beauty as they become young women. Products may be related to a quinceañera celebration or just relevant to girls ages 10-16.

Anika Alexa is an inspiring, resilient 19-year-old who overcame tragic events - including losing her mother to COVID-19 and her sister to domestic violence, and being bullied in school - to become a positive role-model. In 2015 at age 11, she founded Anika’s Peace Project (formerly Anika’s Pink Closet), a nonprofit through which Anika provides classes, speaking engagements, and community service activities that empower girls to become resilient and responsible young women. She is also a reality TV personality on “My Dream Quinceañera” and “Model Material.”

As a result of her own quinceañera in 2019, Anika authored My Quince Planner, the first and keystone product in My Quince Collection.

My Quince Collection and My Quince Planner are named by design — for girls to feel like the brand and products are theirs, and represent their identity and interests. 

My Quince Collection is committed to empowering girls to build a positive identity, healthy self-esteem, and know they are treasured, beautiful, smart, and loved.