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Please email us at info@myquincecollection and let us know your questions. We'll post the most frequently asked questions here.

When can I get My Quince Planner?

August 1st at noon! Sign up to get your email to be the first to know.

Can I buy My Quince Planner now?

Sign up to get your email for pre-release sales announcements.

Where can I get My Quince Planner? 

Through My Quince Collection website and authorized quince stores. Email us at info@myquincecollection.com if you would like to sell My Quince Planner.

What size is My Quince Planner?

The outside dimensions are 12" high x 11" wide x 2" deep, the final box size is about 13" x 13" x 3" and weighs about 3 pounds.